We provide the only fully autonomous docking systems in the world.

Our mission is to enhance safety, confidence and pleasure in Marine vessel operation worldwide, both private
and commercial, through our innovative fully autonomous docking technology.

The world’s only fully autonomous docking systems

MAID (Marine Autonomous Intelligent Docking) is the world’s only fully autonomous docking system.

With its patented technology, the MAID system represents a significant evolution in marine technology as the next generation product.

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How it works

MAID System uses Photographic and Infrared technologies on the marine vessel to provide a guidance signal and radar guidance technology which has been perfected over many decades. Electronics in the vessel keep the optical sensors pointed directly at the targeted location relative to the dock. The PCU receives radio signals from the sensors, determining the distance and direction of the docking location and the trajectory of the vessels path is determined. The PCU engages the drive systems to maneuver the vessel to follow a safe path of travel at a controlled velocity to the pre selected target location. MAID System autonomously stops the vessel at the targeted location and maintains the position until the system is disengaged. All the guidance components (including sensors) are contained within the vessel. No components are incorporated away from the vessel and MAID System can be used on any dock or object worldwide.

The operator need only activate the MAID system with the touch screen monitor. From there, the MAID system accurately controls velocity and calculates safe path of travel to deliver the vessel precisely, carefully and error free in the various docking operations regardless of adverse wind or water currents.

Benefits provided by the MAID system:
    • Enhances safety
    • Protects your investment
    • Protects Dock
    • Convenience
    • Operator confidence
    • No operator skill or experience required
    • Saves time
    • Saves money
Features of the MAID system:
    • Completely autonomous operation
    • CPU controlled precision
    • Simple touch screen operation
    • Wind and water currents do not effect operation
    • Multiple docking functions, slip, side docking, reverse docking, accident avoidance etc.
    • Can operate at any dock in the world, day or night
Size and type of vessels applicable:
    • All motor vessels 40 feet and above
    • Mega Yachts
    • Passenger ferry vessels
    • Commercial fishing vessels
    • Passenger cruise liners
    • Commercial cargo and container ships
    • Border patrol vessels
    • Coast guard vessels
    • Harbor traffic service vessels