The MAID System


MAID (Marine Autonomous Intelligent Docking) System is a fully autonomous docking system which maneuvers your vessel toward your desired docking location while autonomously compensating for any exterior elements which affect the motion of your vessel. The MAID system constantly calculates and performs the necessary adjustments to maintain a collision free course of travel in order to arrive at your desired position as selected by the operator when the process was initiated.

The MAID System incorporates multiple functions for a fully autonomous intelligent docking system providing the ultimate in passenger and vessel safety, pleasure and satisfaction in every situation.

Slips with vessels

The Slip/Pen Mode is one of multiple autonomous applications. Vessel will autonomously move into slip at a controlled velocity, maintaining a 2 foot side clearance on the pre-selected port or starboard side. MAID maintains control of vessels drive system, positioning stern of the vessel 3 feet from the dock and maintains this position regardless of adverse wind or water currents, without ropes or fenders. Operator can then secure the vessel with ropes and fenders at his leisure before disengaging the MAID System.

Reverse docking

Vessel will reverse in a collision free, planned path of travel, autonomously placing the stern of vessel 3 feet from dock, maintaining position at 90 degrees to dock, regardless of wind or water currents.

Port-starboard docking

MAID will autonomously move the vessel sideways in a collision free path of travel at a controlled velocity and position vessel relative to dock, and autonomously remain at position alongside dock indefinitely until vessel is secured and system is disengaged.

Departing from dock

MAID will autonomously depart sideways from a dock, object or another vessel in a collision free path of travel at a controlled velocity and maintain final selected distance from dock regardless of wind or water currents. A preselected distance up to 60 feet from dock, object or another vessel can be pre-selected.

Vessel-to-vessel positioning

MAID will autonomously move vessel sideways at a controlled velocity towards another static or moving vessel and stop vessel once positioning procedure is complete, autonomously remaining at position alongside the other vessel. A distance up to 60 feet from the other vessel can be pre-selected.

Mooring to a buoy

MAID will locate floating buoy up to 200 feet ahead of vessel, autonomous controlling vessels direction and drive at 2 knots and stopping vessel 3 feet from buoy and remaining at that position until vessel is secured and system is disengaged.

Accident avoidance

When operating a marine vessel in congested areas, accident avoidance mode autonomously controls vessel velocity at 5 knots, autonomously stopping vessel 20 feet from an object in vessels path of travel and remaining at this position until object moves away or manually directed otherwise.