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Autonomous Marine Innovation Pty Ltd is an Australian corporation. We develop autonomous products for the marine industry and are currently commercializing the world’s first and only fully autonomous docking system, the Marine Autonomous Intelligent Docking (MAID) System for use on worldwide recreational motor yacht vessels of 40 feet in length and above and the worldwide commercial shipping markets.

Bradley Tyers

Bradley Tyers


An entrepreneur and inventor with over 30 years experience in a wide range of sectors including marine industry, mining industry, corporate management, sales and marketing. Experience includes commercial marine vessel operation and autonomous plant and autonomous process control systems.

Assisted as a co-designer for the MAID System for 7 years, applied for and obtained patents and trademarks, engaged with key marine industry sources with commercialisation strategy and layout of company corporate structure.

Highly experienced with corporate managerial skills overseeing business negotiations, product design and installation, staff management, sales and product training with new markets and business development.

Mining experience includes working with computer process control systems including advanced electronic and autonomous controlling programs for mill, floatation and production plants.

Operated a commercial marine vessel for three years working in the Western Australian marine industry.




Maxwell Tyers

Maxwell Tyers


Maxwell Tyers is an inventor with a strong mechanical, corporate business, marketing background and has held many top general management positions in the USA and Australia controlling marketing, sales training, accounting, administration, service departments, stock control, personnel training, and staff control.

Extensive exposure to various industries throughout the world, including management and ownership positions in the hospitality industry and the produce industry.

Chief Operations and Production Manager, responsible for the introduction of the first autonomous plastic injection molding technologies into the Australian manufacturing industry. Modified injection equipment design which greatly improving productivity. Has vast experience in national sales management and national transportation management. The successful formation of several new and used automotive Dealerships. Instrumental in the performance, testing and design of FRP marine vessels as a driver of competitive marine power boat racing. Acquired extensive knowledge in Marine Industry Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastics Technologies.