Marine Autonomous Intelligent Docking (MAID) is MAID Systems' innovative and patent protected autonomous docking and positioning technology for marine vessels. MAID Systems' foundational patents cover essential features common to modern autonomous docking and positioning systems.

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How it Works

MAID technology enables marine vessels to autonomously navigate to and maneuver into a desired docking location.

MAIDs' technology senses external fixed landmarks in the environment surrounding the vessel to precisely determine the vessels location and relative motion during navigation and docking procedures, and thereby overcoming external variables such as wind and water currents.

Because the MAID technology may be integrated within the vessel, it provides the versatility to operate with precision at any dock, in any marina, day or night anywhere in the world.

Applicable Features of The MAID Technology

MAID technology can accurately control the velocity of the vessel and calculate a safe path of travel to deliver the vessel precisely, carefully and error free in docking or positioning operations, overcoming adverse external variables that affect the motion of the vessel.

MAID technology may incorporate a range of optical photographic and night sensing technologies enabling environmental awareness using 360-degree photographic mapping sensors.

MAID technology may receive and memorize signals from the sensors, determining the distance and direction of the docking or positioning location and calculate a collision free path of travel.

MAID technology may engage the drive systems of a vessel to maneuver it along a safe path of travel at a controlled velocity, utilizing accident avoidance to the selected (or memorized) target location.

Potential benefits provided by the MAID technology:

  • Enhances safety
  • Protects vessel
  • Protects dock and external structures
  • Convenience
  • Operator confidence
  • No stress or anxiety during docking
  • Less dependence on operator skill and experience
  • Reduced insurance claims
  • Saves time
  • Reduced costs

Applicable features of the MAID technology:

  • Fully autonomous operation
  • Computer controlled precision
  • Simple operation
  • Overcomes external variables such as wind and water currents autonomously
  • Multiple docking and positioning applications
  • Operates at any dock or alongside any external structure in the world
  • Operates day or night
  • Validates target location area can accommodate dimensions of the vessel
  • Engages autonomously when approaching a memorized location

Size and type of vessel applications for MAID technology:

  • Merchant ships
  • Offshore service vessels
  • Cargo and container ships
  • Passenger ferry vessels
  • Commercial fishing vessels
  • Passenger cruise liners
  • Harbor traffic service vessels
  • Paramilitary vessels
  • Mega yachts
  • Recreational vessels